Since 2002, the Mid-Atlantic Hedge Fund Association (MAHFA), has brought Global Industry, Economic and Political Leaders together with its members to discuss current and future topics that impact the hedge fund industry. MAHFA’s archive of Past Events demonstrates that MAHFA has always been in front of the conversation, focusing on issues that challenge and shape the hedge fund industry.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

14th Annual Outlook for Hedge Funds in 2016

Panel discussion followed by cocktails

from 4:00PM - 7:00PM

Union League of Philadelphia

Business attire recommended.

Free for Members / Non-Members: $100

Past Events

Emerging markets: Buying opportunity or value trap?

  Favorable demographics and high economic growth expectations have attracted investors to emerging markets despite their unique risks. But, recent underperformance versus developed markets, coupled with economic and political concerns have given investors pause. Is the recent underperformance cyclical or are there secular headwinds that investors are ignoring? Are reasonable valuations sufficient compensation for macroeconomic…

14th Annual Outlook for Hedge Funds in 2016

Our distinguished panel of speakers include: Dan Greenhaus – Moderator Solus Alternative Asset Management Chief Economist & Strategist Michael Lewitt The Credit Strategist Group Editor & Publisher Andre Mehta Cambridge Associates Managing Director Matt Zaklad China Six LLC Chief Executive Officer Dan Greenhaus Solus Alternative Asset Management – Chief Economist & Strategist Mr. Greenhaus joined…

2014 Outlook Event

Mid-Term Elections, Rising Interest Rates, Global Economy and Geopolitics and how they may impact investing in 2014 and beyond. Please join us as our panel of experts share their views on this opportunity set, including the expected returns and understanding the potential risks. Our distinguished panel of experts include: Josh Kaplan, Managing Director, Hedged Strategies, Ascension…

13th Annual Investment Outlook Event (2015)

  Potential opportunities and risks in an increasingly complex and volatile investment environment What does 2015 hold for investors? With a rising equity market, rising dollar, steep decline in oil, and the European Central Bank’s divergence, there are plenty of topics which could create strong waves in the market.  With many active managers under performing…

U.S. Energy: Boosting economic growth or fueling environmental and political hazard?

  The global energy landscape is being reshaped as a domestic energy renaissance drives economic growth, moving the US towards energy independence. What are the regional and national economic implications of this secular change? Which market participants will be the largest beneficiaries? What are the environmental and political consequences? Are the longer-term implications as rosy…

Corporate Governance and Activist Investing: A Tale of Two Cities?

Shareholders are demanding more from managements and boards in an effort to increase the value of the enterprise. Amid the backdrop of low interest rates, increased M&A and high cash balances on corporate balance sheets, activist and event driven managers are becoming more influential segment of the market. In addition, more companies are working with…

Shadow Banking: Regulatory changes generating new opportunities

Tightened lending standards, coupled with a stricter regulatory environment, have curtailed banks’ willingness to extend credit for middle market, private and unrated borrowers. At the same time, the need for growth capital and creative solutions has been increasing. This has created an opportunity for direct-lending funds to fill this void in the market. Please join…

Annual Endowment & Foundation Conference

Topics included:

  • Are Hedge Funds Worth It? We examine the performance of hedge funds, their value in the portfolio and their future.
  • Annual CIO Panel: A look at what some leading Endowment and Foundation investors are doing.
  • Making Your Board More Effective.
  • Update and Trends on the Outsourced CIO Model.
  • Economic and Regulatory Challenges Facing Non-Profits.
  • The “Art” of Giving: A unique look at the trends and gaps between donors and non-profits.
  • From the Trading Room to the Board Room: Leading investment mangers discuss their work on non-profit boards.
  • How Endowments and Foundations Deal with Inflation: Ways to hedge against inflation and protect spending.

MAHFA 2014 Outlook Event – Wednesday, February 19th

MAHFA 2014 Outlook Event Mid-Term Elections, Rising Interest Rates, Global Economy and Geopolitics and how they may impact investing in 2014 and beyond. Please join our distinguished panel as they discuss the opportunities and the roadblocks ahead for 2014. Josh Kaplan, Managing Director, Hedged Strategies, Ascension Health Alliance Mr. Kaplan is responsible for the oversight…

An Insider’s View of China

China Six LLC conducts due-diligence investigations of Chinese companies and executives. The firm’s CEO and President and their researchers each have a decade or more of experience in investigative reporting or due diligence work in China. They specialize in uncovering information that confirms or denies what Chinese companies represent to investors, arming their clients with facts they must have to invest successfully and avoid the financial debacles that have become commonplace in this burgeoning but unforgiving market.