MAHFA’s FAQ offers answers and detailed information on MAHFA membership. Please contact MAHFA if you have a question that is not addressed here.

1) What is the Mid-Atlantic Hedge Fund Association (MAHFA)?

MAHFA is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational programs, access to up-to-date industry resources and networking opportunities for its members. MAHFA’s educational conferences are focused on leading industry topics presented in a forum that allows MAHFA members to discuss these topics with the featured thought leaders, but as importantly, with other members.

2) When was MAHFA established?

MAHFA was established in 2002 by Brian Vargo, Neal Wilson, Jerry Barbara and Andy Russin who recognized the emerging role of hedge funds in asset allocation and the need for a forum for education and conversation on the asset class.

3) Who are Members of MAHFA?

Members include managers, investors, service providers and academics who collectively, bring a wide range of expertise and intellectual capital to the organization. We welcome all hedge fund industry professionals in the mid-Atlantic region.

4) What are the benefits of being a member of MAHFA?

Education: MAHFA members are invited to attend quarterly Association programs, which offer commentary by and discussion with, leading industry speakers.

Industry Networking:  MAHFA membership opens the door to professional networking opportunities within the mid-Atlanctic hedge fund industry.  This affords unique opportunities for productive dialogue with like-minded hedge fund professionals and offers a valuable resource for related hedge fund services and skills.

Membership Directory:  The Membership Directory is exclusive for MAHFA members.

5) How often does MAHFA host events?

MAHFA hosts events four times a year, featuring speakers and interactive panel discussions focusing on leading industry topics.

6) May I bring guests to MAHFA events?

Depending on your MAHFA membership level, MAHFA members may bring guests to MAHFA hosted events.

7) Does MAHFA ever directly contact its members?

MAHFA will occasionally send emails to members to alert them to news and events considered to be of particular interest and value to the hedge fund community.  MAHFA also has a Twitter account, tweeting on topics of interest and relevance.  Follow MAHFA at @mahedgefund.

8) How do I join MAHFA?

You can view MAHFA’s three levels of annual membership and pricing by clicking on “Membership” in the toolbar.  Or, you can click on “Join”, which will take you directly to MAHFA’s registration page.

9) Is there a MAHFA membership level for Academics?

Yes there is.  Click on “Contact” to send your name and email to MAHFA.  You will be contacted with information on MAHFA’s Academic level of membership.

10) Can I attend a MAHFA event even if I am not a member?

Yes.  While some MAHFA events are “Members Only”, MAHFA does host events for which non-members may purchase single tickets through Events Registration on this website.  Guests who join MAHFA within thirty days of the event for which they purchased the single ticket, will have the purchase price for that ticket credited towards their membership.

11) How do I make payment?

Secure electronic payment may be made online at the conclusion of the registration process.